Window Shutters

Solid and stable, this window covering usually consists of horizontal rails and vertical slats. Window shutters have serve a variety of functions. They are primarily used to control the amount of sunlight that penetrates a room. Window shutters also provide security and privacy while adding aesthetic value to any building. Window shutters can be mounted to fit an opening or as an overlap.

Types of window shutters

Interior shutters

This type of shutters are usually hinged on both sides of a window opening allowing them to swing inwards. Interior shutters that have operable louvers or slats or shutters that open or close are typically seen in areas with warmer climates. Other interior shutters use fixed or stationary louvers. There are also the multiple tier kind of shutters which have separate shutters allowing you to open the top portion independently from the bottom.

Exterior shutters

This type of shutters were originally intended to control light, provide privacy, and to protect houses from elements. Exterior shutters with fixed and operable louvers allow air transfer, protect your house from small flying debris, filters direct sunlight, and even shed rain. These are called functional shutters. Non-functional exterior shutters on the other hand are merely installed to enhance the aesthetics of a house.

Advantages of using window shutters

If you are asking yourself why you should use window shutters, then you are reading the right piece. Read on to find out why window shutters can be your best choice when installing window fixtures.

1. Window shutters can be customized easily.

There are ready-made shutters in the market that come in different sizes. Usually, finding the one that will fit your window is not a problem. When choosing ready-made window shutters, go for the one that is slightly larger than the actual measurement of your window. They can be easily trimmed to fit your windows.

2. Window shutters provide excellent protection from elements.

Interior shutters protect you against the heat of summer and the cold in winter. Exterior shutters on the other hand protects your windows from the storm without needing to cover them with plywood. 

3. Window shutters are neat looking.

Details of the shatter can be displayed when closed, enhancing the look of your house.

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