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What are Shutters » what are shutters


Shutters can be integral to any home. They are a set of solid structure or frame of vertical or horizontal slabs of wood that cover the window. They serve many purposes, such as providing added privacy and security, controlling the amount of natural light passing through the window, or simply adding to the home’s aesthetic.

There are several types of shutters that you can install in your home. Depending on the structure of the window or its frame, it can be fitted either within or outside of the window. They can be fitted and closed inside the home, called interior shutters, or outside of the home, called exterior shutters.
It is also interesting to note that shutters are not only for windows. Some buildings construct shutters to their doors as well. 

What are Shutters » what are shutters
What are Shutters » what are shutters
What are Shutters » what are shutters

Interior Shutters

Interior shutters are framed slabs or slats that can be found on the inside of the home. They can be made with slats that move like blinds, letting you control the amount of sunlight entering the room. They are often installed to provide extra privacy and security to the home, although they can add to the home’s charm as well. There are many designs available for shutters that can suit almost any theme or aesthetic of a home.

What are Shutters » what are shutters

Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters, as its name implies, are found on the exterior or outside of the home. They are often installed to provide extra protection to your window, especially in preparation for extreme weather. They protect the window from flying debris during a hurricane, as well as preventing the elements such as rain and strong winds from entering the home. It is also undeniable that shutters are nice to look at, especially when they match the aesthetic of the home. Many homeowners like to install bright, colourful shutters as an accent to homes painted with neutral or more subdued colours.

Exterior shutters are often relied on to be more durable than interior shutters because they are more exposed to extreme weather disturbances. They are also expected to provide more protection versus interior shutters. With this, they are often made with stronger wood such as Honduras MahoganySpanish Cedar, and Teak.

What are Shutters » what are shutters
What are Shutters » what are shutters

Window shutters benefit the home in so many ways

Installing window shutters to your home can bring you multiple benefits. Interior and exterior shutters make excellent investments because of the many ways it can help your home.


The one-time installation of interior or exterior shutters can provide year-round added insulation to your home, at zero cost. Simply by opening and closing your shutters, you can control the heat that enters your home.

Energy conservation

You can help save in your electricity bill by simply opening your shutters to let in a cool breeze at a hot summer, or closing them to provide extra insulation on a cold night. It is a simple way of making your home a bit more comfortable without the extra costs of turning on the air conditioning or heat. Being able to help in saving the environment by conserving energy is an appealing bonus as well.  

Added aesthetic to your home

Because of the multitude of designs, finishes, and material you can choose from for your shutters, you’re sure to find the perfect set that will help complete your dream home. 

Privacy and security

Shutters are a simple way of providing extra privacy to your home. Simply closing them blocks outside world, or nosy neighbours, from prying into you and your family’s private lives. It can also provide extra security when locked, protecting your home from sneaky thieves or something much worse.

Choosing between interior and exterior shutters

According to Blinds Nice, installing beautiful window shutters can be your elegant way of providing extra protection to your home. Choosing whether to install interior shutters, exterior shutters, or both warrants an understanding of your home’s needs first.

Is your home located in an area often battling storms and hurricanes? More often than not, homes that need extra protection from the weather would benefit more from installing exterior shutters.