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What are awnings?

An awning or an overhang acts as a secondary covering attached to the outside wall of a building. Awnings are typically seen above a window or a door. First used by ancient civilisations of Egypt and Syria, these woven mates served as shade for market stalls and houses. If you are not a fan of being exposed to the scorching heat of the sun, awnings can provide the necessary shade.

Types of awnings

There are a variety of awnings but we will focus on the two basic types of modern awnings. The stationary and the retractable

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Just as the name suggests, the stationary awning is fixed to the wall permanently. Fixed awnings do not move and cannot be adjusted. You cannot adjust them based on the shade that you want to have. Stationary awnings are quite stable and they work well to protect you from the weather. Fixed awnings require more maintenance so it is a better choice for smaller windows. 


These movable awnings can be opened or closed making it more convenient. These are the awnings that fold or roll. They have become really popular because they offer a lot of choices. Since they are movable, you can go with or without them. They can absorb all the harmful rays of the sun or you can put them away during bad weather conditions. This type is best for larger windows.

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Advantages of window awnings

Awnings offer better ventilation.

Window awnings placed high provide natural light and better ventilation. Since they provide better ventilation, they could help minimise the use of air conditioning.

Awnings provide weather protection.

Even during rainstorms, awnings protect the home or a commercial space from moisture. They provide better ventilation without worrying that water may enter your home or business.

Awnings are stylish.

Depending on the fabric and make you use, awnings can make a dull façade look lively. The look and feel of awnings are quite classy and timeless. They provide added privacy while giving your home a distinct style. At an affordable price, you have a decorative fixture and a useful window fixture at the same time.