Plantation Shutters

Sometimes called plantation blinds, these shutters have wide louvers that are usually 3 ½ to 4 ½ inches in width. Plantation shutters are quite popular window treatments for houses with warmer climates. They are more affordable than custom draperies. Plantation shutters are truly versatile window fixtures that they can work well with any area of the house. From dining rooms to bedrooms and to casual areas like dens and kitchens. Plantation shutters are beautiful and affordable window fixtures. Whatever type you choose, you are sure to have a stylish home. 

Types of plantation shutters

Plantation shutters come in three types of materials and can complement any room of the house. Read on to find out what works best with the look you want and the budget you have.

1. Vinyl Plantation Shutters

This is the least expensive among all plantation shutters. Vinyl shutters can have aluminium or PVC supports for stability. They are weather-resistant and great for areas with high moisture.

Vinyl plantation shutters come in hollow vinyl, structured hollow vinyl, solid vinyl, solid vinyl with aluminium insert, and vinyl-clad wood. It is important to note, however, that low-end and large vinyl shutters can have structural issues. Vinyl also comes pre-fabricated into colours and styles so you don’t have the freedom to customise to your liking.

2. Composite Plantation Shutters

This type of plantation shutter is sometimes called fake wood, faux wood, or engineered wood. Composite plantation shutters are MDF wrapped in PVC or vinyl coating, making them quite sturdy and humidity resistant. This type of plantation shutters offer a cheaper alternative to wood shutters. However, composite plantation shutter are pre-fabricated so customising them to your liking might not be easy.

3. Wood Plantation Shutters

They say that a true wood shutter is the ultimate shutter. Among all plantation shutters, basswood is the gold standard. Wood plantation shutters has the highest strength-to-weight ratio which makes it strong but still really light. The beauty of wood is that it can be made into custom shapes and sizes to fit every style need. It can also be painted or stained which you cannot do to plantation shutters like vinyl and composite.

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